Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 9: Iceland!

The flight from Gatwick to Keflavik was just under 3 hours. Then we took the Fly Bus to the Reykjavik bus terminal and walked the 25 minutes to our hotel.

We passed the famous cathedral.

Our hotel had a wonderful view of the bay. We settled into our room and then set out to find dinner. We were FLOORED by how expensive food was! We decided on soup and bread bowls (at $18 each, ouch!) and they were delicious.

Downtown Reykjavik is full of awesome street art.

Walking down by the bay.

Do we need helmets to walk on the sidewalk?

Cool viking boat modern art.

I wanted to watch the sunset from our hotel window, since it faced the right way, but the sunset never came! I passed out well before it got dark, and awoke when it was already light! It is only dark for about 4 hours at this time of year, and I never saw it. I was always asleep!

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