Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 8: Dover Castle

Jeff and I slept in little, then hopped on the train to Dover Castle.

We decided to for-go the taxi and walk up the steep hill to the Castle. I'm glad we did because there were lots of cool little side streets and walkways. This staircase is right by the site where the first bomb hit England in WWII.

The White Cliffs of Dover

One of the entrance gates to the castle

Inside an extremely old Roman lighthouse

We climbed up to the roof (super windy, of course) for a great view. Behind us is the Anglo-Saxon church and Roman lighthouse.

Do I look queenly?

What is thy bidding, your majesty?

Not pictured: since it was Saturday they had actors there to recreate life in the castle. We joined in the medieval dance. It was mostly us and a bunch of little kids. Super fun, but made me miss Axel.

The castle is built on chalk (hence the white cliffs) so it is very easy to tunnel through. Here is me in one of the tunnels. We also did a tour of the tunnels used in WWII (couldn't take pictures). That was really cool. They mostly used them to send wrong signals to confuse the Germans about D-Day (Dover is the closest point between England and France, so they wanted the Germans to believe the assault would be there).

Up on the ramparts

We talked to these 2 nice men about the war, and they demonstrated how to use the gun and also let us hold missiles. They couldn't actually fire the gun because of nesting birds, but in the summertime they do.

Jeff was so excited about these scopes. We really wanted to be able to see France, but it was too foggy.

Lovely creek on the way back.

Julie made reservations for the 3 of us at a yummy authentic/homemade Italian restaurant for our send-off. It was delicious!

Julie- you are amazing for letting us stay with you, and for coming with us on a lot of our adventures. We love you so much!

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  1. It was so wonderful having you both here! Love and miss you. ��