Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Mets Game

Yesterday, Memorial Day, we went to the Mets game. It was our first major league baseball game out here, and WAY cheaper than going to a Yankees game. We were in row 27 up from 3rd base. We were in the shade the whole time, and we really couldn't have asked for a nicer time!
 Axel enjoying the train ride.

Poor guy didn't get a nap, and fell asleep on the 25 minute subway ride, despite the train being crowded with already-drunk people heading to the game.

Baseball glove we got from the second hand store.

New Croton Dam and Teatown Lake

On Saturday we drove up a little bit (about a half hour) to New Croton Dam. It was so beautiful. I have no idea how they built it. There are a lot of trails so we hiked a couple of them (only got lost and ended up on private property once).

Then we ate lunch and still felt like hiking so we headed over to Teatown Lake in search of turtles and frogs (of which we saw neither). We hiked some more and Axel got lots of wiggles out.

All this beauty while only 30 minutes from home and never leaving Westchester County! We also found a second-hand kids store, so of course I had to go in. We got lots of good stuff. 


For 3 1/2 blissful days, we were the proud caretakers of a kitten. She woke us up meowing for an hour early in the morning, and it was clear no one (or no cat) was coming back for her. And it was raining. So we brought her inside, fed her, cleaned her up, etc. Jeff insisted on finding her a home, and luckily one of his coworker wanted her. She was such a sweetheart. She let Axel drag her around everywhere with hardly a complaint, and she loved to cuddle. Maybe someday we'll have a cat (and I'll take allergy medicine.)

Right after we found her, when she was still soaking wet.

She stayed awake for HOURS, and finally passed out face-first while Axel was throwing balls at her.

Peekaboo, I hope your new owner takes good care of you, and that you stay a wonderful and cuddly  kitty! (and sorry again that Axel was so rough with you)

Jeff's phone dump

I don't get around to uploading pictures and videos from Jeff's phone very often, so here they are!

Two more from the Mark Twain House:

Jeff went on a business trip to LA. Here he is with his coworker Moroni:

 And in front of Paramount Studio (they got a tour from one of Jeff's ex-coworkers who now works there):
And eating Five Guys, of course:

This video was from a couple of months ago.  He loves fruit so much, so we decided to use it as a bartering tool to get him to eat his broccoli. One piece of fruit per broccoli floret. Worked like a charm!

This is his version of acting like a monkey.

Friday, May 22, 2015

New Blog!

Testing how to use Blogger.

Cutie pies eating Five Guys while I was super sick with an ear infection and bronchitis. I sent them out so they didn't have to mope with me, and because I really wanted a hamburger! Who knew being that sick would make me soooo hungry for fatty foods.