Tuesday, May 26, 2015


For 3 1/2 blissful days, we were the proud caretakers of a kitten. She woke us up meowing for an hour early in the morning, and it was clear no one (or no cat) was coming back for her. And it was raining. So we brought her inside, fed her, cleaned her up, etc. Jeff insisted on finding her a home, and luckily one of his coworker wanted her. She was such a sweetheart. She let Axel drag her around everywhere with hardly a complaint, and she loved to cuddle. Maybe someday we'll have a cat (and I'll take allergy medicine.)

Right after we found her, when she was still soaking wet.

She stayed awake for HOURS, and finally passed out face-first while Axel was throwing balls at her.

Peekaboo, I hope your new owner takes good care of you, and that you stay a wonderful and cuddly  kitty! (and sorry again that Axel was so rough with you)

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