Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Drop-off Trip to California

In order to go to Europe, I needed to drop Axel off with my parents, so I did a short trip with him there before I flew back alone. Axel's Beagley Great-Grandparents were able to come, as well as Dallin, Alicia, and their kiddos.

Playing ball with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma

Cute Addie with her Great-Grandparents.

This was half a second before Everett got a good whack to the face... I have awesome parenting skills, I know.

 Everett loves to be the wagon puller!

Addie and Dallin ready to go to Gilroy Gardens! This was the highlight of the whole weekend, I thought. None of us had been before, and we weren't sure how much stuff the boys could do, but we actually ran out of time to do everything! We were there for over 3 hours, and still didn't make it to everything! Axel had a blast, and Everett sometimes had fun (see pictures below).

Axel on the merry-go-round with Aerin.

Example 1 of Everett's tragic face.

I couldn't believe that there were rides Axel could go on alone! He LOVED it! Everett didn't make it past the putting-on-the-seatbelt-phase of this one.

Everett warmed up to this one. 

Everett looks calm here, but he cried through this whole one. Axel enjoyed it anyway. He loved that he could ride with his cousin!

 That face... So tragic.

 He liked it 2 second later though.

 The whole crew enjoying lunch in the shade. It was super hot that day!

 Everett, Grandpa (my dad), Dallin, and Axel on the Balloon ride.

Alicia was able to take Addie on the ride too.                         I love Axel's face peeking out!

 Ready to get on the peddle boats!


 This is my favorite picture from the whole day (even though it is blurry) because Axel has his little hands up in the air! And is holding a leaf, of course. What a cutie-pie!

Giving Brennen's leg a hug.                                                   Cooling off at the splash pad!

Professor Everett

                               Professor Addie                           

For some reason, my mom and dad wanted to celebrate their 31st anniversary with all the family, so we all went to dinner together!

 Swimming! We love the pool!

 Evidence that Aerin was there too! She played with the kids a lot.

 Hug, or attempted murder?

 I love all their faces!

We had a great time, and I was so sad to leave Axel there but I knew he was in great hands! Next stop, Europe!