Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer in California

Axel and I flew out to California to visit with my side of the family.

Meeting Nina the cat, and trying to get on her good side.

Nina's favorite spot, especially during meals.

Brennen and Axel hanging out.

All the sudden he can swim!

My brother and his family got there late one night, so Axel got to wake up to a cousin sleeping next to him! And they were coincidentally both wearing pirate jammies!

Cousin snuggles!

Addie's grumpy face kills me

Axel and Everett spent hours playing Legos.

We all went to dinner to celebrate Peter's first birthday. The boys got chocolate pancakes. They were so good!

Handsome Peter

Grampa, Addie, Brennen, Great-Grandma B, and Great-Grandpa B

Gramma, me, and Aerin

Dallin, his friend Thomas, Alicia, and Peter

Happy Birthday Peter!

Post-cake face

Opening presents!

All the kids swarmed to "help" get the new toys out of their packaging.

Peter looks like such a big boy, standing up on his own.

What book are you reading to them, Dallin? They all look terrified!

Reading time with Gread-Grandpa

Great-Grandma reading to Addie

Peter taking a few steps

Everett and Axel invented a slightly dangerous game called "funny baseball"

We took the kids to Happy Hollow, which has rides and a little zoo.

The boys and Alicia on the carousel.

Hopping like frogs. Later they got straight in the water. 

Digging for dinosaur bones.

Matching-faced sillies. In the Crooked House.

This picture cracks me up. He and Everett were playing on some logs, and Axel decided he wanted to open a "shop," and sat there blocking the way and asked kids what they wanted to buy.

Dallin and Peter petting the goats.

Addie brushing a goat.

One of the goats got out the exit, so we had to wait to get out until it was coaxed back in.

It looks like Addie is scolding the goat!

Axel and Addie so happy to go on rides!

Zoom in and you can see Axel's happy face.

Addie, Everett, and friend Chloe on the ladybug ride.

Cute Peter

Everett wouldn't go on any rides, but he was fearless on the huge climbing structure. Axel didn't want to go on this bridge, but Everett coached him through it.

Axel and I went on a roller coaster, but you can't see Axel. It looks like I'm having fun though!

Everett climbed up there himself.

"Everett, how did you get up there?"

My cousin Kira came to visit too! The boys put her to work reading.

Swim party!

Alira and Kalicia (Kira and Alicia's alter-egos) doing their synchronized dance

Being silly with Great-Grandma M and Aunt Julie (who also came to visit for a few days)

Axel will cuddle up to whoever is next to him if there is a movie or show on (in this case on an ipad)

Addie "reading"

My attempt to do Rey hair (from Star Wars) on Addie.

Girls' Night nail time!

We all did the same color! I can't remember whose feet are whose, but there is me, Kira, Aerin, Alicia, and Julie.

Everett had a hard time going to sleep one night so I put Axel in Aerin's bed for about 15 minutes. Found this when I came back. Sweet Nina.

Kids blowing a feather that came off a cat toy

Addie and Kira bouncing in the web chairs

 Swimming at the community pool!

Trying to do a cannonball

Addie loved jumping too!

He did this over and over and over again. He is so good! He can get his head above the water, he just hasn't timed breathing right. Once he figures that out, he'll be good to go!

Julie doing Alicia's make-up.

Gramma reading the silliest book, "The Book with No Pictures."

My childhood friend Lisa and her husband Kevin came over to say hi.

The best video I have ever recorded. Ev, I love you dude! I can't stop laughing about it!

Chalk drawing

These kids love books!

Peter being silly

Sweet boy. Sadly everyone left on this day, so it was just my parents, Aerin, Brennen, Axel, and me. A LOT quieter.

Went to a park, and he loved working out. He's pretty strong!

Gramma took Axel and I to the San Francisco Zoo. Here is Axel looking at the chickens while standing on a pig bench.

Riding a donkey statue.

Making a monkey friend.

This sleeping tiger was HUGE!

Axel the tarantula!

The zoo is literally across the street from the beach, so we walked down for a minute.

Do you see Gramma?

We had delicious ice cream.

We had a great visit, and Jeff survived without us! I am so glad that we got to see SO MANY family members! We love you all!