Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jeff's Phone Dump

As usual, Jeff had some old things on his phone that never got posted.

These were from our 4th of July hike.

Eating popcicles outside in his new (via garage sale) chairs.

Doing some watercolors.

Mother's Day (I told you we hadn't put up his pictures in a while!)

Eating some Smashburger outside on a beautiful spring day.

Whiteboard drawings. Coming up with characters together.

Try not to step on the cracks! If you do, you get shocked!

Beach Day

Jeff took a day off so we could spend it together! First we went to the $1 kids movie at the Alamo. They were showing Speed Racer (the movie) and Axel was SUPER into it.

After the movie we went to the beach!

So nice to have a beautiful beach day! We stayed until we were starving for dinner!

Papa's Birthday

Papa was able to stay with us for a short work trip. Since it happened to be the week of his birthday, we threw him a dinosaur party.

I put the candle in too soon, and the candle melted into the brownies.... Whoops! Lesson learned!

 We had grilled steak, baked potatoes, and fresh peaches. So yummy!

This is the best way to read a book, right?

 Happy Birthday, Papa! We're so glad we got to spend an evening with you!

New York Renaissance Fair

Our friends Kate and Chris invited us to the Renaissance Fair (and enticed us with free tickets), so we went and had a grand time. Huzzah!

Axel insisted he wanted the sausage-on-a-stick. It was huge, and slightly inappropriate looking... But delicious.

Watching a Robin Hood performance. "Will Scarlet" (seen to the right) was Axel's buddy and talked to him a lot.

Kate playing the penny whistle. She is part of the roving band of musicians that plays at the beginning of lots of shows. Her husband Chris is mocking her with his own badly played whistle. 

Watching Robin Hood and friends tie the Maypole.

Dole Whip pineapple soft serve! So good (although he insisted on the sprinkles, which was weird with the pineapple)

Axel got to go on this dragon swing. He was laughing and smiling the whole time!

The boys trying to pull the sword out of the stone.

We had a fantastic time! We didn't know what to expect since we had never been before, but it was awesome! We spent about 6 hours there! We saw jousting, sword fighting, knife throwing, and a fire whip act! Not to mention my friend Kate perform several times, and hang out with her husband Chris and sister Marie. As we were leaving, Axel yelled, "Where is Maroo? We didn't get to say goodbye to Maroo!" Meaning Marie. It was hilarious!

Eclipse and Other Random Things

We have been big into building forts lately.

Jeff was recently featured on Blue Sky's social media accounts. Go Jeff! (He said he was going for the "stern mentor" look)

Trip to the zoo on a sunny Saturday.

We had fun making a light box and viewing the eclipse. We only had 70% totality, but it was still fun. We watched the total eclipse in Oregon live on TV, and that was soooo cool!

Meg kept her hands around her eyes the whole time we were outside! She sure didn't want to go blind!

Iron Man joined me for lunch one day.

Swimming with his best friend Meg.

The new grocery store we've been trying out has awesome little wheeled baskets, so Axel has enjoyed being in charge of that.

He was really tired this day, and was falling asleep during dinner!

WWE-style wrestling with Daddy. And I swear he usually wears a shirt, but lately we've been eating a lot of cherries, and I make him take his shirt off because its so messy.

The boys made a Ninja Turtle comic together

It really is the best thing ever. I can't believe how good Axel's drawings are! He and Jeff took turns drawing, and Axel came up with the dialogue. There are talks of sequels.

Visit with the Morgans

Our friends the Morgans came out to NY to visit, so we were able to spend all day with "Grandma" Debbie and then dinner altogether at Pepe's Pizza.

We went to a children's museum. Axel is the perfect age for all the activities there.

 We were at the museum for about 4.5 hours! He had so much fun!

So glad to have these guys as part of our "framily" (friend family)

Sorry this is blurry... He was being crazy.