Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter 2017

We tried to take Easter pictures in a few locations around our house. Obviously the lighting was terrible here, but I like our faces!

Official Easter 2017 Call Family Picture

Video of him looking for his Easter basket

Long video of the Easter egg hunt (for all you die-hard Axel fans)

Short video of the Easter Egg hunt


Yummy Easter dinner!

Trip to the City

We were all able to go together to the Manhattan Temple because our ward had arranged babysitting. 

After the temple, we walked around Central Park. (Slightly out of the frame of this picture is a muscly shirtless man taking sexy pictures. Gotta love New York)

We found a cool playground! For some reason the only entrances to the park were either from climbing up this rock, or from walking all the way around to a building. So the boys climbed the rock, and I jumped the fence. (Don't worry, it was a free park, we weren't fee skipping)

Then we found the waffle truck. Yum!

While we were eating, we could hear bagpipes playing, so we went to investigate. This is where Axel decided to watch him.

Haha, such a Manhattan scene. Tall buildings with a man playing the bagpipes. I love where we live!

A few warm days

Axel gave another talk, and this time the microphone worked so you can actually hear him.

Axel's cousins got him "pant tattoos," so he was so excited to put them all on some old pants.

"Look mom, I'm a pine tree!"

I guess going to the park is tiring?

Jeff took Axel to lunch one day while I was at meetings, and there was a cool kids ropes course. He started out timid, then warmed up and got really good at it!

Watching General Conference in a fort with friends.

Doing Conference bingo.

We went to our friends' little play of the Wizard of Oz. Contrary to this picture, Axel loved it. He said the "singing was too loud."

A nice scooter ride on the trail to a fun park.

This day was actually POURING! Our basement flooded. Sigh. While we were waiting for a friend to do his music lessons (we gave him a ride) we decided to get some gelato. Smurf mustache!

Guarding his bedroom door.

I bought him some beach toys. Since our garden isn't planted yet, I let him play in the dirt. He got FILTHY!

Watching Uncle Alex open his mission call! Baltimore, Maryland!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Snow day in March

We had a snow day in March!

The snow was super icy, so none of his usual plastic toys would work. So I gave him a wooden spoon and a mixing bowl. He was happy! I stayed warm inside. It was soooooo cold! It is so icy that he is kneeling on 6 inches of ice/snow without making a dent.

Axel and Jeff have a routine for Jeff leaving the house. It never gets old for Axel.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Update on Jeff

The blog is mostly about Axel, but sometimes Jeff does cool stuff too.

Jeff was asked by the missionaries to baptize his friend Rey. It was a cool experience!

Axel and I finally looked for Jeff in the Peanuts DVD extra features. Here are some screenshots from that.

Jeff fell asleep at work. His coworkers took advantage of it.

Some of Jeff's recent art. He's been experimenting with using ink.

Axel has been really into the Beatles lately, so Jeff drew this for him.

We love our family's provider! We are so thankful for him, even when we make him so tired!