Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun July Weekends

We found a fun swing at a park on the Bronx River Trail.

Jeff had a Friday off of work so we went to the beach! It was so nice! It was perfect weather and the beach was perfect for wading. We were able to go out pretty far and still touch the ground!

The tide came in pretty fast though. Our castle was underwater in 10 minutes after we started.

This popsicle turned Axel's hands blue for a couple of days!

Our upstairs neighbors were nice enough to take Axel swimming one day. He had a blast!

Hiking at Cranberry Lake Preserve, which is up by Jeff's work.

This kid LOVES tattoos.

Garden harvest! Unfortunately this is all the cucumbers and zucchini we got... But the tomatoes are still going strong!

We took Axel to the friends and family showing of Ice Age 5.

 Papa had a meeting on Long Island, so he stayed with us one night. We were so glad to see him!

Morning walk in his pajamas.

Jeff took Axel bowling (and Axel totally beat Jeff)