Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day/Grandma Jones' Visit

Little bookworm.

He finally earned his prize for NOT whining when we asked him to go potty! Woohoo! (Bribery: it works)

Cute Father's Day sheet the Primary gave the kids to fill out. I love that he wrote "dad" wherever he could.

My handsome boys!

Grandma J was able to be here for a visit!

Eating pizza for Grandma's birthday dinner.

Helping Grandma blow out her candles.

We went to the zoo and to several parks, but I only took pictures at the cool park.


This sonic popsicle dyed his face, hands, and legs (where he dripped) blue for the rest of the day!

We had a super fun visit with Grandma and are so glad that she was able to come! We love you! Happy Birthday!

Brandon and Olivia's Wedding

 We flew out to Utah for a quick trip for Brandon and Olivia's wedding. 

My grandparents happened to be in Utah visiting other family, so we were able to spend an afternoon with them. Axel kept Great-Grandma busy with games.

At the Provo Temple. Axel looked "too cool" to care.

Silly Nana!

Axel with his Great-Grandparents.

Trying to keep cool by playing in the water. It was so hot!

Me and my love, reminiscing on our wedding day 10 years ago.

The Call boys.

I love the look between Brandon and Axel.

Axel earned his ice cream by smiling so nicely in all the pictures!

Axel (the ring bearer) with all the cute flower girls, waiting for their turn at the reception. They all did a great job!

With Kaden at the reception.

Oops, this is the only picture I took of the bride and groom. There were 3 professional photographers, so I didn't feel the need to photograph everything. I will add more pictures when they get sent from the photogs. They took some really cute ones of Axel.

Being silly with Great-Grandma R.

We took the red-eye flight back home the night of the wedding. Axel put himself to bed at 4:30 the next afternoon.

We are so happy to add Olivia to our family! She is fantastic and Brandon couldn't have picked a better person to marry. We love you guys!


Axel had his first T-Ball season! 4 of his friends from church are on the same team, which makes it even more fun!

This is "how mayors talk."

We all passed out. T-Ball is tiring!

Holding his trophy after the last game

 Go Rockhounds!

We ordered professional pictures too. I will put them up onceI receive them!