Monday, November 13, 2017

Random Things

Axel keeps sneaking his slippers on after we put him to bed, and then accusing us of taking them off. I took this picture to prove to him that they were falling off all on their own.

Took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot near one of our church building in the Bronx, and even then I wasn't sure if I was parked legally. So I took a picture of the signs just in case.

Loved my Halloween decor and fresh flower set-up in my dining room.

We got to visit Legoland for free with some friends!

My friend Jess and her son Sergio

Axel, Ava, and Sergio eating icecream

Axel got some new costumes from a friend who out-grew them. Here he's being a SWAT pirate.

Jeff's epic beard. 

Early November

Walking home from preschool (photo cred Grandma Jones)

Grandma Jones sat in on the class Jeff teaches. Here he is, trying to pound some storyboarding principles into some brains.

Axel reading a comic book to Grandma Jones

We got to call Addie and watch her open the birthday presents from us. Cute kids!

Cut my hair. No big deal, haha.

Thanks for coming again Grandma Jones! We had an awesome time celebrating Halloween with you!

Halloween 2017

We had a fun Halloween this year!

Before eating his cookie


Carving pumpkins! It was nice enough to carve them outside, for about 2 minutes until the bees found us.

So we had to go inside to finish! Darn those bees!

At the church Trunk-or-Treat

Two pirates and a Fire Chief

Dodging spider webs at Daddy's work

The real reason Axel likes to visit Jeff's work: Free arcade games!

Preschool parade

That's my kid

Vampire teeth!

Grandma Jones was able to fly in again for Halloween (the perks of working for an airline!). We decided to visit Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. What better place on Halloween! 

This was outside the Rockefeller mausoleum

On the famous Sleepy Hollow bridge (doesn't look like it did in the movie though)

Washington Irving's plot

Ready to go trick-or-treating!

He got brave enough to do a few houses by himself!

 Assessing all his loot

Grandma Jones' Visit

Grandma Jones came for a visit, so naturally we went to the Bronx Zoo.

Testing how far they could jump.

Walking home from preschool

Waiting for swimming lessons

This picture cracks me up because of his facial expression. He is practicing floating on his back, I think.

Getting excited for Halloween!

Thanks Grandma Jones for coming to hang out with us!