Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thanksgiving Take 2, in New York

Grandma J came out for a short visit, so we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving again!

Grandma telling the "Three Little Pigs" story with puppets.

(So mad I didn't take a picture of the bird before we cut it. It was beautiful!)

Grandma and Axel making Christmas ornaments

Axel informs me this is a bear

Grandma J saw the figures I made last year, so she requested a Bumble (the abominable snowman) and that I finish the Hermie (I hated how it looked so I stopped last year). Luckily Hermie looked much better with hair and his hat. I finished them in time for her to take them home to Florida!

Swimming lessons!

Grandma went down into the city with Daddy to look at Christmas lights and sit in on his class.

We are so glad that Grandma is able to come visit us a lot!

Thanksgiving 2017 in Utah

Axel and I flew to Utah for Thanksgiving a bit early while Jeff was at a work convention in LA.

On our flight out of JFK, a worker let us take a peek outside at the engine. Axel was in heaven!

Axel "helping" Kaden with his calculus homework.

Poor kid lost his voice on the first day.

Hula-hooping with hot wheels tracks

Making waffles with Papa

Helping Kaden open his birthday presents. Happy Birthday Kaden!

We all went bowling for Kaden's birthday party

Brandon, Olivia, Me, Axel, Gary, Grandpa R, Kaden, Alex, Grandma C

Axel saw this and asked, "Why does Nana have a cowboy chicken?"

Axel and his turkey roll he made with Nana

Reading with Kaden

Reading with Grandpa R

Axel and Nana went to the Dinosaur Museum

Jeff about 30 minutes after he arrived at the house. He was exhausted! After his convention, he flew to Seattle and met Papa and Brandon to go to the Seahawks game! They had a great time!

Kaden and Axel wrestling 

Reading with Daddy (can you tell this kid loves to read?)

Wrestling with Alex

We celebrated Axel's birthday early by going to Jungle Jim's. Jeff's cousin's kids came to play too!

This ride was CRAZY!

I love that they held hands in the hurricane simulator

Opening birthday presents!

 Thanksgiving Day!

Jeff led the boys in a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Axel's "secret cave." All the toys are down there too. He coughed so bad at night that we finally stuck him in here so that I could get some sleep! He was more than happy to move in!

Axel with his "buddy," cousin Jared

We had a great trip and are so glad that we got to spend time with our Utah family!