Thursday, September 14, 2017

Uncategorized Recent Pictures

A few random things that don't need their own post.

He made himself a mask.

I curled my hair, for once, and thought I should document it.

The boys finished reading The Hobbit!

The best use of a box.

Axel and I went to the Nature Trek at the Bronx Zoo, and new feature. It was fun!

Aunt Julie sent him some lego figures! He loves them! They are Frightening Knight, Crazy Scientist, and Clumsy Guy.

Day in the City

I had a Women's Conference with the wives of some General Authorities (including President Nelson's wife) down in the city, so the boys dropped me off at the 87th St chapel and went to have fun! Their original plan was to go to the Met, but they got side-tracked eating donuts and playing at the park.

3 hours later when my meeting was over, they were still playing at the park. So we started walking in Central Park towards the zoo. 

This is the little lake where you can rent motorized sailboats.

Watching the sea lions at the Zoo.

I found some eagles.

We stopped at yet another park in Central Park while walking back, and Axel was delighted to find that it had a splash pad area filled with water, and promptly dove in with shoes and pants and everything. We took off his shoes and shirt and tried to roll up his pants, but he was pretty soaked. Luckily it was a warm-ish day.

Easiest way to scooter in the city: let Daddy push you.

Walking back to the car (Jeff had found a spot right by the Met).

It was so fun to make a day out of my meeting in the City!

First Day of Preschool

Axel started preschool!

He was so excited, he wanted to comb his own hair.

Don't go!

Showing me what he made at school. He had such a great time!

Norman Rockwell Museum

Jeff had the Friday before Labor Day off, so we got up early and drove to Massachusetts for the Norman Rockwell Museum. We started out by playing tag in front of the museum, to help get Axel's wiggles out after a 2.5 hour drive.

In front of the museum.

Axel almost got all of us.

The grounds had statues by Peter Rockwell, one of the sons, and you could climb and sit on them.

An original print of the Post edition with the Crestwood Station painting.

They had a drawing room for kids.

Jeff and Axel collaborated for their edition of a Post cover.

Jeff with the actual painting of the Crestwood Train Station.

We could't take too many pictures inside because the most famous ones were in a no photography area with an Andy Warhol exhibit. It was really cool. There were so many originals of Rockwells at this museum (unfortunately neither of the 2 we own prints of...)! We even saw a couple of the models (he painted people who lived in his town, and they still live there) who come to do weekly talks.

The museum had a huge amount of land that you could run around in and explore. Here we are with some apple trees.

Can you find us?

Ringing the bell as we left.

Axel immediately fell asleep in the car, and his sunglasses were bobbing up and down. It was so cute.

We drove to the border of Massachusetts and New York to do a hike at Bash Bish Falls.

There's always time to be a robot.

The falls behind us.

Jeff doing some sketching.

We had a really fun day!