Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trying to stay busy

We are trying to stay busy and entertained during the winter. Luckily we have lots of friends to play with, and preschool and gymnastics to keep us busy.

He is obsessed with his Star Wars attire.

And he loves all the games he got for Christmas!

One day we came home and a telephone wire was down, so we got to watch the repair guy fix it. Axel LOVES watching people out our window. Its a favorite past-time.

This is something random my aunt Lori "liked," and that little kid totally looks like Axel in the screenshot! 

My little baking helper! (He makes a mess and it takes WAY longer, but he loves it so much)

I got to go out with friends for my friend Jess's birthday! (She's the one next to me) She is such as awesome and friend and a blessing in my life.

We had a snowstorm that produced about 20 inches in 24 hours, and it was really windy so all the snow from the roofs ended up on the ground. We attempted to shovel during the storm, but had to give up after more than an hour because it was coming down faster than we could shovel it. So we played in it instead!

Catching snowflakes on his tongue!

 The next day it had stopped snowing, so we were able to clear the driveway and stairs off better, and head off to a late sacrament meeting (it was hard for a lot of people to get to church so we held it at 1:30 and only did one hour)

Watching him struggle in the snow was hilarious!

Jeff's epic snow angel.

Being lions for preschool

Batman should take a clue from Axel for accessorizing. 

Crazy child. Fake laughing.

Channeling his cousin Everett by unzipping his pjs during the night. He didn't remember doing it in the morning.

Future hoop star for sure. Especially with me as his teacher.

Trying to take a nice picture to send to Daddy.

Cargo pants have perfect dart storage, apparently.

This kid cracks me up. He loves doing my workout video with me. He doesn't have his own hand weights, so he devised his own.

Figured out somersaults pretty quickly in gymnastics!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Axel's Birthday Party

We finally celebrated Axel's birthday with his friends. We had 9 friends come for a dinosaur beach party!

 Here are some pictures! Sorry for the blue tint... I had the camera on the wrong setting.

My friend Jessica is a chef so I commissioned her to make cupcakes. They were delicious and cute!

 Everyone enjoyed the pizza.

We played Pin the Coconut on the Palm Tree.

Then we played Hot Potato with a beach ball. If the music stopped while you were holding it, you got a lei. They loved it!

 Then we did a surfing "contest." 

 Then the kids ran around crazy for a while.... It was rather insane to try to keep 10 kids in line. But we survived.

Cucpake time!

 After cupcakes, the oldest girl directed everyone to take naps with the blankets and pillows we had use to make our surfing wave. (The movie playing on the TV is Beach Party. Jeff thought it would be funny. We also had Beach Boy music playing the whole time). I didn't mind the few minutes of quiet time! And the kids were so cute snuggling up together.

 Then everyone attacked Jeff.

I still can't believe my little dude is 3. That is just crazy! I'm glad he got to celebrate with a lot of his friends.