Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Axel's Birthday Party

We finally celebrated Axel's birthday with his friends. We had 9 friends come for a dinosaur beach party!

 Here are some pictures! Sorry for the blue tint... I had the camera on the wrong setting.

My friend Jessica is a chef so I commissioned her to make cupcakes. They were delicious and cute!

 Everyone enjoyed the pizza.

We played Pin the Coconut on the Palm Tree.

Then we played Hot Potato with a beach ball. If the music stopped while you were holding it, you got a lei. They loved it!

 Then we did a surfing "contest." 

 Then the kids ran around crazy for a while.... It was rather insane to try to keep 10 kids in line. But we survived.

Cucpake time!

 After cupcakes, the oldest girl directed everyone to take naps with the blankets and pillows we had use to make our surfing wave. (The movie playing on the TV is Beach Party. Jeff thought it would be funny. We also had Beach Boy music playing the whole time). I didn't mind the few minutes of quiet time! And the kids were so cute snuggling up together.

 Then everyone attacked Jeff.

I still can't believe my little dude is 3. That is just crazy! I'm glad he got to celebrate with a lot of his friends. 

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