Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mommy's Birthday

I was looking through old photos, and saw this one from our trip to Maine two years ago, and then Axel walked into the room and he was wearing the EXACT same outfit! Haha!

Axel drew this stegosaurus with a speech bubble saying "Axel Call." Smart kid!

Found this picture of Axel's legs in my bed on my phone... Hmmm kid.

For my birthday we went to see "Storks" at a drive in theater, and the next day went miniature golfing.

Jeff made a yummy salmon dinner.

I don't remember why he is just in underwear, but oh well. Happy 29th to me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Big Kid- forgot to hit "Post" earlier

Sorry, I forgot to hit "Post" again. I don't know why I have this problem! Agh! This is from a couple of months ago.

Axel is turning into such a big kid. He wrote Axel Call (the "A" in Call is really small but it is there, I promise), and then tried to sound out "Mommy" all by himself. I thought he was pretty close!

Hunting for bugs with Daddy. They found a centipede. We also saw an orb-weaver spider.

Drawing, of course.

Ice cream mustache!

Jeff teaching Axel how to punch. Thanks, Jeff.

Axel figured out how to "play" Star Wars on the keyboard. I thought this was so creative!

Crazy face!

Jeff got up one morning and found Axel like this.

You probably saw it on Facebook, but we bought a car! After years of talking about it and waiting for bonuses that never came, we decided to finally do it! Yay, we're in debt again! Ugh. But at least we have a beautiful, fancy, and much bigger car!

Trying to teach him how to pedal... Haha, tiny legs.

Accidental squirt! I was trying to film him making farting noises on his stomach (real mature, I know). I got more than I bargained for!