Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Big Kid- forgot to hit "Post" earlier

Sorry, I forgot to hit "Post" again. I don't know why I have this problem! Agh! This is from a couple of months ago.

Axel is turning into such a big kid. He wrote Axel Call (the "A" in Call is really small but it is there, I promise), and then tried to sound out "Mommy" all by himself. I thought he was pretty close!

Hunting for bugs with Daddy. They found a centipede. We also saw an orb-weaver spider.

Drawing, of course.

Ice cream mustache!

Jeff teaching Axel how to punch. Thanks, Jeff.

Axel figured out how to "play" Star Wars on the keyboard. I thought this was so creative!

Crazy face!

Jeff got up one morning and found Axel like this.

You probably saw it on Facebook, but we bought a car! After years of talking about it and waiting for bonuses that never came, we decided to finally do it! Yay, we're in debt again! Ugh. But at least we have a beautiful, fancy, and much bigger car!

Trying to teach him how to pedal... Haha, tiny legs.

Accidental squirt! I was trying to film him making farting noises on his stomach (real mature, I know). I got more than I bargained for!

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