Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas 2015

Axel, Jeff, and I got to spend over 2 weeks with my side of the family. It was fun! We got to celebrate Christmas, Axel's Birthday, and New Year's.

On a shopping trip with Grandma.

(And this is why I always put him in the cart)

They said it couldn't be done... But I got EVERY SINGLE ORNAMENT on the tree! Usually my mom leaves some off because they don't fit.

Brennen and I reading Trivial Pursuit cards, a favorite past-time.

Blanket fun with cousins! Addie is big enough to join in now!

Snuggles with Auntie Aerin

We left some white chocolate truffles for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

They were a little confused in the morning that the reindeer had left little nibbles of carrots left... ("Why didn't they like the food?" "Its not nice to leave food on your plate." etc.)

Stockings! (And somehow I ended up eating all the Sees chocolates... Still a mystery)

Jingle Bells was sung every meal.

These two are too cute! (Sorry, Addie, I had to crop you out because you were blurry and I liked the picture of the boys)

Helping Brenny open his gifts.

Super excited about this stegosaurus.

Puzzles with Grandma

Dallin, Alicia, and Great-Grandma B

Reading with Grandma

Playing with Great-Grandpa B

Family Pictures 2015! And Aerin is not allowed to stand behind Brennen anymore!


Playing keep-away

Addie free-standing! She would only do it if it was slightly dangerous... Like on uneven ground like here, or on an ottoman (not pictured for obvious reasons... Like I lunged at her to get her down before she killed herself)
For Axel's birthday party, we went to a climbing place called Jungle Island. Axel LOVED it! He was totally in heaven!

(Hit my head on the end of the slide)

Then In 'n Out for Birthday dinner. He was so excited for his own 'nilla shake.

Everett had a double ear infection, and had a really gurgly voice for a couple days.

Super excited for this tractor!


The kids loved playing on Aerin's "spiderweb chairs."

Alicia and I wearing our matching jammies from my mom.

Aerin made crepes for breakfast! They were so yummy!

Happy New Years! (at 9:30 pm)

Best way to watch TV

Addie loved saying "Ello?" into my phone.

The poor kids only got to play outside one day, because it was soooo cold while we were there (like in the 40s, which is cold for the Bay Area)!

Addie looking wistfully out the window. Grandpa finally took pity on her and let her go out.

This cute girl chatting away! She loved the play house Grandma got.

The kids wearing the capes I made them for Christmas.

Jeff attempting to teach the boys Connect Four.

The boys' first day as Sunbeams! They did awesome!

They made a fort and spend a lot of time playing in it.

This video is super short, but I love his crazy dancing!

Selfie time! Of course I had to take one with everyone.

 Jeff and I got to attend a session at the Oakland temple together, which was wonderful. 

 Brennen saying goodbye to Addie

Naturally the boys' goodbye hug ended up on the floor.

Axel loved playing a game on his TV before the plane took off.

Sleeping and eating a granola bar at the same time. That takes talent.

We had a wonderful trip and I am glad we got to spend so much time with family, and especially that Jeff got to be with us this time. Vacations are always better with him!