Tuesday, January 19, 2016

December 2015 (Pre-Christmas)

Axel started gymnastics! 3 of his church friends are in class with him. He LOVES it and had no trouble adjusting to having a teacher and not having mom there (although I am watching every move behind the glass, because I'm paranoid like that).

This was his first time on the balance beam. He looks so timid!

Helping Daddy put the star on the tree. We got to decorate the tree all together! Nothing got broken, thank goodness.

I was a little slow getting out of bed one morning, and I came out to him getting his own Cheerios! 

He is getting really good at following Lego instructions. We had done this one several times together, and then he put this mostly together himself!

My new nativity! I bought it in Salzburg, Austria. Jeff and I love the simplicity!

Look at that fantastic "T"!

I made this wreath at a Relief Society Activity. I think it turned out rather well!

He turned a letter A into a monster. Love it!

Doing a pretty awesome wall handstand. 

Jeff left some doodles out overnight, and Axel woke up early and "improved" them. My favorite is the creepy red eyes on all the cows!

Gotta love living in New York sometimes...

Axel can write his own name! Smarty pants.

I tried to get Axel and Tytan to take a nice picture at the Ward Christmas party, but of course that is impossible.

Axel likes to help dry the dishes.

Some fun eye-ball monsters.

Ugh. We had to get new tile due to some water damage... It was no fun and I'm STILL finding little patches that didn't get cleaned up from all the dust.

We had a Wendy's date after gymnastics one day. He was so happy!

We donated some toys at the fire station, and he got a cool hat.

Axel and Tytan after preschool

Sugar cookie fail... They used to be stars, trees, gingerbread men, and mittens...

Still good though!

Elbow licking good!

Our tree, ready to open presents! We did it on the Saturday before Christmas because we didn't want to lug it all to California!

(The screwdrivers were Axel's idea. And he hasn't even seen Dr. Who)

"Oooo Legos!"

Cutest ninja ever!

Then we headed to California to spend Christmas with my family!

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