Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was the quietest I have ever experienced. It was just the 3 of us!

For breakfast we had Mickey Mouse pancakes.

It was my first time making a whole holiday dinner, but it turned out really well! The stuffing was TO DIE for.

Jeff with his beloved cranberry salad.

Totally stuffed.

Jeff promptly fell asleep.

The day after, we went to the zoo. It was a gorgeous day! Unseasonably warm.

Tired boy who refused to pee for, like, 6 hours.

Saturday we went to a screening of The Good Dinosaur. Axel liked it, but I thought it was WAY too scary. There was a scary part every 5 minutes, no joke.

We walked from the screening through Central Park (shown below) to Gray's Papaya (a famous hot dog restaurant).

 From there we walked to the Museum of Natural History. Axel was completely out of it, as you can see.

He was so excited to see the dinosaur bones!

 The we went to the 34th street Macy's (you know, THE Macy's) to Santaland.

Axel kept saying that he didn't want to meet Santa, so we were ready to just say hi and run through, but then Axel loved it! The Santa was so nice and friendly, and spent a couple minutes talking to Axel before they even took pictures. They have a really sweet set-up there. You walk through a Winter Wonderland while you wait in line for Santa, and then there are probably 8 partitions each with a different Santa, so that each kid can spend a good chunk of time with Santa. We were very impressed!

It was a long day (11 hours out and about in the city!) so we were tired on the train ride back.

We had such an awesome Thanksgiving weekend and I am so grateful for all the time Jeff was able to spend with us. He has been so busy at work, so it was amazing to have 3 straight days with him (Sunday doesn't count because I was in various meetings all day).

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  1. You're absolutely correct about The Good Dinosaur; way too many unnerving moments!