Monday, November 9, 2015

Call Family Halloween Visit

Nana, Papa, Alex, Kaden, and Great-Grandma came to visit!

Great-Grandma got Axel this awesome Mickie and Minnie lego set! He loves it!

Nana brought some Halloween jammies and books. This kid loves to read!

Swordfighting with the boys.

We went to a farm to enjoy the nice fall weather and beautiful leaves.

Sorry, Kaden, I had to put this picture here! Your face is hilarious!

Jeff gave us an awesome tour of Blue Sky.

On Halloween Day, we went to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

This was a massive mausoleum for one of the Rockefellers.

On Sleepy Hollow Bridge.

Washington Irving's family plot. His grave marker is the one with the American flag by the tree (not the one in front. Behind that)

Since it was Halloween, there was a Headless Horseman!

Axel outside the Old Dutch Church.

Cutest Batman ever! Ready to go trick-or-treating!

 Everyone decided my floor is more comfortable? I love what Axel is doing to Kaden.

For Nana's birthday, we went to the Met!

Playing with Papa

Playing one last Memory game before everyone had to leave!

It was a fun trip and I am so glad that they were able to come out! Love you all!

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