Monday, November 9, 2015

October Activities

We went apple picking again, and got our pumpkins there too!

 He didn't take a nap, and fell asleep at 7pm while we were all watching a movie. (Ok ok, we all fell asleep on the couch watching the movie. But I woke up and found him like this.)

 Carving pumpkins and picking the pumpkin's nose.

 Jeff was asked to attend a Peanuts/Halloween event at Prospect Park in Brooklyn to teach kids how to draw Snoopy. It was so fun!

Axel was *super* good at playing Twister. He just ran over to whatever color they called out.

Ward Halloween Party and Chili cook-off! Axel with his friend Ava.

My chili won 3rd place! Yay! (I was too excited to take a good picture, so this is what I got)

Cute new church clothes! (Hand-me-downs from wonderful people in our ward!)

Halloween Party at Jeff's work

Jeff and I at the employee Peanuts Premier! It was awesome!

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