Thursday, May 17, 2018

Belly Pictures Weeks 32-34, Mother's Day

32 weeks (photo by Axel because we forgot over the weekend, and were a couple days late!)

33 weeks

I couldn't believe my belly looked this big when I sat down, so I sent this to Jeff.

Some of my Mother's Day loot. Not pictured: chocolate that was quickly devoured.

Close-up of the card from Jeff. If you can't tell, its the baby kicking and poking so hard that it gets Jeff in the jaw.

34 weeks

I had an ultrasound at 34 weeks, but our crazy little guy didn't want his picture taken. But he looking very healthy, and already over 5 pounds.

I filmed my belly for 4 minutes, then edited down to the best movements. Sorry that it cuts out mid-movement at the end; my camera ran out of storage.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Natalie's Visit

Aunt Natalie came for a fun weekend visit! And with the ulterior motive of taking my maternity pictures (those will be posted in about a month!)

Drawing silly pictures.

At the Kensico Dam for pictures. Is it just me or does he look like a teenager in this outfit?

T-ball game. I thought they looked so cute lined up in their helmets!

Playing some board games

We went to a Mets game!

The pastrami sandwiches are sooo good! We also got a delicious lobster roll.

Had to take another one of this shirt, since I'm actually wearing it in the appropriate venue!

Fancy pic by Natalie

The free give-away for the game that day was a Yoenis Cespedes #52 garden gnome. So we got four. Natalie took home one, and you can find the other 3 scattered around our garden.

Darling photo by Natalie, after church snooze.

We did a lovely hike to "Stone Church" in Dover, NY.

I couldn't go all the way into the cave because the rocks were slippery, but the others did!


Looking at the beautiful ferns. It was so luscious and green!

We ended up finding 3 ticks between the 4 of us, so we immediately stripped off our clothes to wash them, and took showers. Hopefully that took care of any other ticks!

We LOVED having Natalie here and can't wait to see her again!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

First Game of T-Ball 2018

(He's in the middle). Go Hot Rods!

First at-bat of the season!


He has the throwing to first thing down.

Might need to work on which direction he is supposed to face when on-base...

My shirt says "Nine months and you're out"

Celebratory frozen yogurt

We got him a (used) batting helmet and he wanted to wear it all day!

Walking to get dinner. How cute is that kid?

These two warm my heart.

Axel had a great first day of T-ball and we are looking forward to a fun season!

Pinewood Derby and other randomness

Axel helped me put his toys and furniture up so I could vacuum, then settled in for a good read.

All ready for swimming!

Is that enough food for the Pinewood Derby?

My boys protecting my trophy set-up while I ran around. This year's derby was a success! 20 participants and no computer glitches. Phew!

I dropped Axel off with Jeff at work while I had a doctor's appointment, and he had so much fun he passed out on the way home.

A drawing he did for his friend Meg

Close-up of the scooter guys "doing tricks"

My little helper and I painted and put together the baby's dresser.

Turning a box into a rocket ship.

Playing catch with Daddy

This kid has a rocket for an arm! Now to work on catching...

Belly Pictures Weeks 27-31 and Baby Shower

27 weeks (and Axel's new hiding place)

28 weeks. In the third trimester now!

29 weeks

29 weeks pictures by Axel. He wanted me to pose by the basketball hoop. This was the least-blurry of the ones he took, haha!

30 weeks

My sweet friends threw me a little baby shower luncheon. (Sarah, me, Axel, and Jess)

(Cassie, me, Ashlee, and Curt)

31 weeks! The count-down is in the single-digits now!