Thursday, October 12, 2017

Gramma's Visit and Jeff's Birthday

Gramma came to help out while I recovered from some medical procedures.

Watching out the window for Daddy.

Building his new Lego set during General Conference.

Playing a crazy balloon hockey game.

I made apple sauce a couple of times with our apples we picked ourselves. Axel thought that eye protection was important.

Gramma walking Axel to preschool

On Daddy's birthday, we surprised him at work with cookies and presents!

Mom enjoying her Beascakes cookie

On the night of Jeff's birthday, we had Parent's Night at preschool. This was an activity they did where they put a transparency over a mirror and drew themselves. Axel's cracks me up! He looks like a goblin!

Jeff requested apple crisp (with the apples we picked, of course) for his birthday! Yum!

Then Jeff and I snuck away for dinner at Bareburger.

Gramma and Axel listened to LOTS of Seussical the Musical, and now he can sing the songs.

Before we had to drive Gramma to the airport, we let Axel get his wiggles out at the park. Here Gramma is looking through a spyglass at Axel.

Happy Birthday to Jeff! I hope it was a good one, even though it was a busy day!

And thanks Gramma for coming to help out! We love you!

Shannon's Birthday Weekend

We celebrated my birthday kinda extended over the weekend. 

First we went apple picking!

We stopped at a couple of stores for random things (and went clothes shopping for me!) and found this awkward gem at a Goodwill.

Axel made me this awesome card! I love how he did the lettering!

Pretty accurate painting of me, right? Haha.

Jeff made this card. He is the best!

We had my birthday dinner on Sunday (the day before) and Jeff made delicious pastrami sandwiches (the picture doesn't do it justice, they were SOOOO GOOD)

And a delicious cake!

On my actual birthday, Monday, we ate lunch at Jeff's work.

Me and my boys.

My friends threw me an awesome birthday brunch also, but I forgot to take any pictures! 

Turning 30 was pretty great!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Uncategorized Recent Pictures

A few random things that don't need their own post.

He made himself a mask.

I curled my hair, for once, and thought I should document it.

The boys finished reading The Hobbit!

The best use of a box.

Axel and I went to the Nature Trek at the Bronx Zoo, a new feature. It was fun!

Aunt Julie sent him some lego figures! He loves them! They are Frightening Knight, Crazy Scientist, and Clumsy Guy.

Day in the City

I had a Women's Conference with the wives of some General Authorities (including President Nelson's wife) down in the city, so the boys dropped me off at the 87th St chapel and went to have fun! Their original plan was to go to the Met, but they got side-tracked eating donuts and playing at the park.

3 hours later when my meeting was over, they were still playing at the park. So we started walking in Central Park towards the zoo. 

This is the little lake where you can rent motorized sailboats.

Watching the sea lions at the Zoo.

I found some eagles.

We stopped at yet another park in Central Park while walking back, and Axel was delighted to find that it had a splash pad area filled with water, and promptly dove in with shoes and pants and everything. We took off his shoes and shirt and tried to roll up his pants, but he was pretty soaked. Luckily it was a warm-ish day.

Easiest way to scooter in the city: let Daddy push you.

Walking back to the car (Jeff had found a spot right by the Met).

It was so fun to make a day out of my meeting in the City!