Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Maternity Pictures

Here are the maternity/family photos that Natalie took! Credit to: Natalie Lolita Photography. http://www.natalielolitaphotography.com/


I call this one "smell the belly"


Thanks Natalie! They turned out amazing!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Grandma Jones visit

Grandma Jones came to visit. I mostly put her to work helping me organize things for the baby. But we did have some fun too.

We went to the zoo.

So proud of the tent he put together.

Reading Pokemon to Grandma

Stealing my pregnancy pillow to read on.

At Axel's T-ball game. He played so well!

It was mercilessly hot during the game, so we got frozen yogurt after.

Nice pictures on Sunday

Crazy lemon kid.

Thanks for coming to visit and helping me get things ready! We love you!

Memorial Day Weekend with the Calls

Papa came out for work a few days before everyone else. Three generations playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch.

Always fun to wrestle with uncles!

Playing the Switch with Daddy and the Uncles

Getting the perfect amount of water in their water bottles to flip them.

Taking a break from playing ball. It was a hot one that day!

Three boys asleep on the way to the Yankees game.

Having fun at the Yankees game!

Note that Jeff and I are holding ice cream cones. What you can't tell is that they are horrible melted and dripping everywhere and are one of Jeff's greatest regrets in his life. He didn't want to pay $1 extra for commemorative cups so he got cones, but it was almost 90 degrees and he had to walk all the way back to our seats... Makes for a fun memory though!

Popcorn fiend

Saturday everyone went down into NYC (except me) and went to the 9/11 memorial and Washington Square Park.

Cutest nappers

Red, white, and blue themed dessert for Memorial Day.

We took Axel to the theater to see the Han Solo movie. As you can see, he was soooooo excited!

More wrestling!

At the park with Nana and Papa.

Thumbs up with Uncle Alex.

Legos with Uncle Kaden.
We had so much fun with the Calls! We are so glad you were able to come visit!