Monday, April 9, 2018

Easter and Conference Weekend

Axel's "Business Snowman" from preschool. Gives me a good chuckle every time I look at it!

As you may know, Spring has not made its way to New York yet. We had a warmer day on Good Friday (lower 50s and rainy) and we really wanted to be outside so we went to Walter's Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck to satisfy a pregnancy craving. No regrets!

I made cinnamon rolls Saturday morning before Conference.

I had a bunch of activities for Axel to do during conference. He sat through all 4 sessions pretty well. A new favorite activity we did was write 2 things per session that we learned or found interesting on the red slips of paper, then put them in the little tent. Then for FHE on Monday, we read through them. It was a great reminder of what we heard and learned! I think we'll have to make it a tradition for every conference!

I started on a baby blanket. Axel picked out the colors.

Decorating Easter eggs!

Jeff's were much better than mine...

Axel racing to find his Easter basket. Jeff made it hard this year!

We used the tripod to take some family pictures (it was about 40 degrees outside, brrrr!)

Darth Vader egg

The many poses of Axel

 Then it snowed the next day. We got about 6 inches.

Axel got to play with some big-boy friends while I was at a doctor's appointment. He had SO MUCH FUN!

I showed Axel how to use my pregnancy pillow. I guess this is how I look in my sleep, according to him?

"I'm a dead raccoon."

Then he showed me a new way to use the pillow. So comfortable...

Monday, March 26, 2018

Everett and Gramma Visit

Everett and Gramma came for a visit! Unfortunately, Everett threw up a bunch in the car on the way in from the airport, so our first day was spent watching movies and doing laundry.

Everett was feeling all better the next day so we headed into Manhattan! Here are the boys bundled up and ready to go!

First stop: Levain bakery!

Warm, gooey, delicious cookies. Yum!

Chocolate faces!

Next we went to the American Museum of Natural History. This is the boys in front of a meteor! It is so heavy that it hasn't been moved for over a hundred years, and is bolted into the bedrock several stories down. A museum worker let the boys hold a magnet up to it. It was so cool!

Gramma took this candid pose of Jeff and I. We were having fun, I swear!

Everett and Axel in front of the African elephants.

Peeking through the stegosaurus ribs.

Touching a real fossil!

With the head of the Titanosaur, which is 122 feet long!

Grinning with the tricerotops.

We had a delicious dinner at Jakes' Pickles. It was soooooo good!

The next morning I heard their little voices and came out to Axel reading Everett a story. Sweetest cousins.

Jeff bought the boys comics while down in the city the day before. Here he is giving the comics to them.

The boys attempting to play the Nintendo Switch (during the snowstorm).

Once the snow was deep enough, the boys bundled up and went outside!

Trying to build a snowman.

We gave the laundry basket another try, but this time Jeff made a ramp on the stairs. The first few runs were rough. (Disregard Gramma and I laughing hysterically)

Jeff cut off the top of the laundry basket and it worked much better!

Hot chocolate after the snow.

Making personal pizzas

Bath time!

Reading scriptures with Gramma.

We walked to preschool in the snow.

Icy snowball fight!

Dress up

Gramma treated us to a trip to Legoland Discovery Center!

Proof that Everett went on a ride! And enjoyed it!

Building Lego racecars.

Waiting for Gramma to be done shopping....

They would say the funniest things while playing. "Ready to get pewed?"

Making mini banana muffins.

I was surprised how relatively neatly they spooned the batter in.

Enjoying their work!

We had such a fun visit and are glad that Gramma was able to bring Everett out!