Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Professional Newborn Pictures

We had professional pictures taken the day after Felix was born. The hospital has a partnership with a company so they go around to your room and offer the pictures. I'm glad we did it because they turned out so great! I also have all of these in black and white, if you want me to email you the files for prints.

Felix is here!

I went into labor on my due date. At 5pm I could tell that he was coming. Jeff took Axel to a friend's house at 7:45pm, then we waited for contractions to get closer together. Once they were 4 minutes apart, we called the doctor and headed to the hospital. We got there at 10:15pm. The nurses were astonished that I was so calm. About an hour later I was officially admitted (after monitoring contractions and taking vital signs). Jeff and I started walking laps around the hospital. Then I sat on the bouncy ball for a while... Anyways things eventually got more intense. But I stalled at 8cm dilated so I asked for an epidural to get me through the last bit. Sitting still for the epidural was quite possibly the hardest thing I've ever done, but I was a much more pleasant person after it kicked in. That was about 7am. Jeff and I slept for about an hour. At 8am the nurse told Jeff to go grab some breakfast from the buffet. The doctor came in and checked me, and I was ready to push. So they called Jeff's cell to tell him to come back, and the baby was born about 10 minutes later at 8:55am!

The morning of the day I went into labor.

Ready to get officially admitted!

First picture of Felix! He was about 45 minutes old this point because I got to hold him on my chest for a long time.

Giving Daddy a turn to hold him while I had breakfast.

Poor guy ended up hanging out in the bassinet for a while because I fainted while walking to the bathroom... I didn't actually fall, but I stopped walking or responding to the nurse. They got me seated and my head was rolling around. I woke up to smelling salts and a ton of people packed into the bathroom. So we got to spend extra time in the delivery room. Felix was cool to just hang out and sleep while they tested me for all kinds of things (turns out I was super anemic).

So many cute faces!

 Axel came to visit once I was able to get transferred to the Mother & Baby unit later in the afternoon. 

Quiet snuggles with mom while everyone was gone. Watching the World Cup, of course!

 My friend Lori got to come have snuggles. I am so grateful that she was able to take Axel for 2 days! He loved staying with them.

Lori took pictures of the 3 of us (we hadn't done that yet!)

The next day my friend Jess and her mom and kids came to visit.

The hospital offers a special dinner after you have a baby. The lobster was delicious!

Nana made it in time to watch Axel our last night in the hospital.

Axel's first time holding Felix.

Putting his going-home outfit on! He did not like it.

It was 90 degrees outside, but I didn't want him to get cold from the car's air conditioner... It might have been a little overkill.

We are so in love with our little Felix!