Friday, April 21, 2017

Trip to the City

We were all able to go together to the Manhattan Temple because our ward had arranged babysitting. 

After the temple, we walked around Central Park. (Slightly out of the frame of this picture is a muscly shirtless man taking sexy pictures. Gotta love New York)

We found a cool playground! For some reason the only entrances to the park were either from climbing up this rock, or from walking all the way around to a building. So the boys climbed the rock, and I jumped the fence. (Don't worry, it was a free park, we weren't fee skipping)

Then we found the waffle truck. Yum!

While we were eating, we could hear bagpipes playing, so we went to investigate. This is where Axel decided to watch him.

Haha, such a Manhattan scene. Tall buildings with a man playing the bagpipes. I love where we live!

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