Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 2: Leeds Castle

This morning we woke up early (or at least it felt early to me, England is 5 hours ahead of New York) to walk to church. The ward is really small but they have a cute little church.

After sacrament meeting, we hurried to the train station to catch the train to Leeds Castle. We *barely* make it on the train, but it all worked out.

The grounds of Leeds Castle are breathtaking! It is called "The Loveliest Castle in the World," and I agree!

Beautiful gardens

We finally glimpse the castle itself!

Fun fact: The last owner of the castle imported a lot of exotic animals so it used to have zebras and llamas running around and that kind of thing. The black swans were imported from Australia and remain there today. They have become a symbol for the castle.

The inside of the castle is as lovely as the outside.

Woodworking in the chapel

Old battlement for the castle

Wanna play "Spot Shannon?"

They had a maze. Jeff and I solved it in 10 minutes!

From the center of the maze

In "The Grotto" under the maze

Next we saw the bird show on the grounds. 

They gathered ALL the children together for the owl demonstration. I wonder what the backup plan is if no children made it out alive?

A spitfire was flying above us

Well, why not. Gotta be goofy sometimes.

That night Julie's roommate Julia and her boyfriend Simon made us a delicious eggplant parmesan bake. So friendly and welcoming! I hope we weren't too much of a nuisance. 

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