Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 3: London! Westminster Abbey and National Gallery

Jeff and I ventured into London! We got off the subway and didn't even realize we were next to Big Ben! So we missed the photo opportunity on the other side of the Parliament Building.

Spot Shannon! Outside Westminster Abbey. We couldn't take pictures inside, but it was so cool. The whole place is jam-packed with monuments and the tomb-markers of kings.

Another side of the abbey. Spot Jeff!

I had to take a phone booth picture! Unfortunately I shut the door before I realized the smell of rancid pee was so strong.... Next time I know, don't actually go into the phone booth.

Buckingham Palace

Trafalgar Square. There was a few protests going on, so we didn't linger long before going into the National Gallery (building with the dome)

But we did have to take advantage of the modern art installation 

Crazy painting of witches "doin' their thang." Which apparently they have to do in the nude. 

Me and Van Gogh!

"The Ugly Duchess" Quentin Matsys, 1513

Then we were on the hunt for dinner. There was a Shake Shack! What? It is like we never left New York!

We walked a bit through Chinatown.

The settled on Lobster Rolls for dinner. Yum!

We walked by Piccadilly Circus on the way to the subway. I expected it to be bigger. It felt like the tiny Times Square of London, complete with costumed characters available to take pictures with.

All in all, London felt a lot like NYC, so we were quite comfortable. Although their subways are much easier to navigate. We never took a wrong turn!

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