Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 6: Stonehenge, Roman Baths, and Aardman

We rented a car and drove west to explore more of England!

Jeff was calm about driving.

But I was sure we were going to die.

Luckily we did NOT die, and made it to Stonehenge! Don't laugh at me, but the stones were bigger than I had imagined. They are huge!

In the regular English fashion, there were sheep right by Stonehenge. Also those little mounds you see are old burial mounds (also called barrows). Ancient people wanted to be buried within site of Stonehenge.

By the "heel stone"

"slaughter stone" has fallen over in front

Next we drove to Bath to see the Roman Baths. The area that you see here was reconstructed in the 1800s to show what it would have looked like. But the baths down below are original, and they have excavated a lot.

Model of what the complex used to look like. The covered building in the back is where the big pool is now.

The head of the original goddess statue that was at the entrance of the temple complex, that they found while excavating.

Old water system still working today. The Romans were ingenious!

Then we drove as fast as we could to Bristol to do a tour of Aardman studios (we were so late because we hit awful traffic, and also Bristol is a confusing place)! One of Jeff's coworkers used to work there, so he was able to ask his friends to walk us through. We even got to go into the workshop where they film! They had sets up and ready for filming! (Obviously no photography in the workrooms, but Julie asked if she could take pictures in the lobby, so I stole these from her)

Beautiful countryside near the Cotwolds!

Since we had a tiny bit of daylight left, we drove to Uley Long Barrow, also called Hetty Pegler's Tump. It is a burial mound that has been excavated and left open. 

Jeff was tired of driving so he raced me to the mound! Obviously he won.

Naturally Jeff and I had to climb in.

There were three separate chambers

Jeff after seeing a huge spider on the ceiling

Beautiful landscape

We had a lovely dinner in Cheltenham before retiring to our cute cottage hotel.

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