Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 5: Globe Theatre and British Museum

Today was our last day in London, so we tried to make the most of it! It was also the only day that it was truly raining all day. Good thing we brought rain gear!

Cool wall in St Pancras station underground area.

Our first stop was the Globe Theatre! It was rebuilt in the 1990s, not quite in the original location because a bridge is blocking that spot. But they built it with as accurate of materials and techniques as possible.

Unfortunately, Romeo and Juliet was sold out, so we couldn't see a performance. Sad day.

The outside of the theatre.

Looking the other way from the Globe Theatre, there is a lovely view across the Thames of St Paul Cathedral's dome.

We stopped at Borough Market for lunch. I wish that we had gone there EVERY DAY for lunch. It was amazing. I got a pesto and tomato focaccia roll, and Jeff got a delicious curry. And we shared a fresh cranapple juice. SO GOOD! I cannot stress enough how delicious it was.

Next we took the tube to the British Museum. When in the Roman area of the museum, we happened upon an "Enlightening Discussion" by a scholar (I think its a daily thing) about the Roman emperors and succession. The guy was hilarious (not like "making jokes" hilarious, just his demeanor kept cracking us up), so Jeff took a little video. Here we are looking at the Portland Vase, which was my favorite piece that we saw all day.

Jeff contemplating the Rosetta Stone

Figure from Easter Island

We got kicked out at closing time. Didn't want to leave! So many cool things to see! Me at the outside of the British Museum.

We wandered around FOREVER in the rain looking for traditional English food for dinner because we didn't want to waste our last meal in London on fast food. We finally found a pub called "Magpie and Stump," founded in 1550, which is across the street from an old jail. The jail used to conduct hangings right outside, so people would watch the hangings from the pub.

London, you were awesome. Thanks for the good time!

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