Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rain boots and random happenings

Every time it rains or looks like its going to rain, Axel wants to wear his boots, just in case. I let him wear them to the grocery store and then to the park. He didn't mind that they slowed him down a bit!

 I decided to take him on a walk down the Bronx River Trail and look for puddles. We found quite a few! Now he asks to do that every day.

 I don't really take selfies all that much, but somehow he learned about it and kept taking selfies with me with his spiderman phone.

I had a stake meeting in the Bronx, so Axel and Jeff dropped me off and found a park to play baseball at.

 Our town's Independence Day Fireworks Celebration was on July 11th, so we got ice cream and then walked to that. We always have the best fireworks because our town's benefactor is the guy who started the National Enquirer. They always are doing fancy stuff. It is awesome. Axel got a little scared of some super loud fireworks, but he recovered, and ended up having a good time. That and seeing the dead bunny on the way home. Highlight of his day.

 We did a little shoe shopping, and he put these two on, looked down, and said "Oh! These don't match!" It was soooo cute!

We got invited to a birthday party that was at a gymnastics-type center. Axel was a bit shy, but he had fun!

 I sent this picture to Jeff (clearly of a rash on Axel's neck), and all day he thought it was me. When he got home from work, he asked me to show him my neck so he could check it! I am a bit mortified that he thought this was my neck...  But I got a good laugh out of it. He said that he was troubled all day by how weird the rolls on "my" neck looked. 

 "I'm hiding! Come find me!"

Axel got a whistle from the birthday party, but couldn't make it whistle. So he devised his own way.

Our garden is starting to be edible. Axel loves the golden grape tomatoes.

 This morning's harvest. Parsley, basil, cucumbers, and 1 measly cherry tomato. Come on tomatoes! Hurry up so I can eat you!

We bought water guns! We had an epic water fight! The only one not soaked from head to toe was Jeff. His water gun was more powerful than mine!

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