Monday, July 13, 2015

Grandma Jones' Visit

Axel flew back to New York with his Grandma Jones. We were so happy to see him!

I have no idea to get a picture off of Instagram, so here is a screenshot from my phone of the moment we picked him up!

 Our garden had EXPLODED when we got back!

 Grandma Jones, Axel, and I went to the Bronx Zoo.

And got sushi. This kid as some mad chopsticks skills.

 Helping Grandma blow out her birthday candles!

 We got Sheri a hand-made mask from Venice!

 Looks good, yes?

 We went to Coney Island, and stopped by the Aquarium too!

 We had to have Grimaldi's, of course. Sheri got anchovies on her pizza. Yuck!

 Incidentally, it was the Mermaid Parade that day. I hadn't thought to check... So there were lots of people dressed up, and the parade route made it hard to get around, but we survived!

 Hanging out on the pier.

Dancing on the pier!

 Riding the train with Daddy!

I took Axel on this boat ride, thinking it just went back and forth...

I was wrong... But we had fun! He loved it!

 And then he was out.

 Sunday was Father's Day, and we went to the Morgan's for dinner. He hadn't taken a nap before church, so he conked out on the couch during dinner.

 On Monday, Sheri, Axel, and I rode the train into the city and went to the Statue of Liberty!

 Inside the Ellis Island's Great Hall.

 Riding the ferry back! That is the iconic Ellis Island Museum on the left.

Sheri watched Axel that night so we could go on a date. Happy 8th Year Anniversary, Jeff!

 The next day we played at the park at Kensico Dam.

 We walked up to the top of the Dam, which I had never done before.

 Then we visited Daddy at work so that Grandma could get a tour.

 Grandma dressed Axel up like Spiderman.

 The next day we played at a different park.

 And we went to Sushi again, because it is just that good.

 We had some time before Sheri needed to be at the airport, so we went miniature golfing.

 I told Axel to stay off the green when it is not his turn. He found a loophole.

 Then we got Walter's Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck.

I can't remember what day this was... Axel being silly!

 Thank you to Grandma Jones for bringing Axel back to us, and we're glad you got to stay with us for your birthday!

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