Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hallstatt, Austria

I'm giving Hallstatt it's own post because it was so beautiful and we took so many pictures. We were only there for 2 hours, but it was awesome. 

The tunnel we took to get there.

 Another town across the lake.

 Jeff and I in the main square.

 The local church, where we went up and looked around.

 Graveyard of the church. Crazy story here: They bury the plots several graves deep, and then when the bodies have been buried long enough (like 10 years) they dig up the bones and bleach and dry them and put them in the Charnel house. That way they can reuse the plots. 

Inside the Charnel House. "The Painted Skulls of Hallstatt." Each skull has the person's name and death date, and some kind of decoration that had something to do with the person's life. The newest skull was from someone who died in 1987 because they don't do it with everyone now. You have to request it in your will. I thought it was a cool way to solve a spacial problem!

 The graveyard had this scene of Gethsemane, which is unusual.

 Peering out from the balcony of the church. (From left to right: Jeff Plowman, me, Rhonda, Gary, Alex, Kaden, and Brandon)

 The boys, Jeff, and I hiked up a bit more. It was steep!

I loved our little stop in Hallstatt. A super-cute town!

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