Wednesday, July 22, 2015

4th of July Weekend

Jeff had the day before the 4th off, so we drove out to the IKEA in New Jersey to get Axel's new bed. We also decided to visit a waterfall that is not too far away from that. Oh my gosh, it was so gross. It is a new national park, so the pretty part isn't open to the public yet because the mayor hasn't done the ribbon cutting ceremony yet. Someone had kicked down a fence, so a bunch of people went inside anyway, but I am a rule follower so we stayed out. We tried to do a little walk recommended by the guide book the friendly park rangers gave us, but I was pretty sure we were either going to get hepatitis from broken glass, or get stabbed by someone... I don't care that it was an important industrial town that was founded by Alexander Hamilton, and that the Black Yankees played at the stadium there (we drove by and it was completely dilapidated); it was so run down and disgusting. Maybe they'll get it fixed up and I'll have to eat my words. In the meantime, stay away from Paterson, NJ.

We didn't take pictures of the gross stuff. This was the building where they harnessed the hydroelectric power.

 And the falls themselves are very beautiful. The bridge was part of the still-closed-off area, so we didn't go up there. I'm sure the view is great though.

The next day, on the 4th of July, a Saturday, we decided to go and do a couple of hikes. The first one was called Stone Church in Dover, NY. I had checked the weather near us, and it said it was clear so we went ahead with our plans. But it started pouring while we drove up there... Luckily I had put Axel in water-proof clothing. 

From the back I think his outfit looks like something a short Asian woman would wear!

 The whole time he kept asking "Where are the salamanders?" We didn't see any, but someday kid.

 Stone Church is actually a cave that is kind of shaped like a cathedral, and that rock next to the boys is called the Altar. There is that cool waterfall in the back of the cave. It was a cool hike to do, even though it was pretty slippery. Axel is a good hiker so he was fine.

 Then we got some FANTASTIC barbeque at this awesome place, and then skipped across the border to a waterfall in Kent, CT.

 Then we came home and did what everyone else does... Put together our grill! Ha ha. Everyone puts their grill together at the last minute on the biggest BBQ day of the year, right? But now we have one and it is awesome.

 I made this. I have skills.

 We went to the zoo a couple days later with our friends. This is the only picture I managed to take. Axel with his friend Kate.

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