Saturday, November 5, 2016

San Jose/Fallon Trip

Axel and I flew from Las Vegas to San Jose for a trip with my family.

Grandma and I took Axel to an open gym place, and he LOVED the foam pit! He told his gymnastics teachers about it when we got back to NY.

 We hauled the whole clan over to Fallon to see the cousins, and bless baby Peter.

Axel and Adeline playing fishing.

We went to a haymaze at the dairy. We went through it twice, taking an hour total (we let the kids decide which way to turn)


Axel got to sit in the tractor with Everett's uncle.

We got to tour the dairy barn.

Axel was fascinated with watching the suction milkers going on the udders.

Baby cows!

Brennen could get around the dairy pretty well!

Strong boy!

We went to a nice restaurant for Brennen's birthday dinner.

The lighting at the hotel pool was terrible, but here are some pictures. (Also, did you know that diapers can explode? Because I sure didn't... Next time Addie can just go commando in the pool if we don't have swim diapers.)

At Peter's baby blessing.

Axel apparently fell out of his chair asleep during singing time, and didn't wake up when it was time to go to class, so he got brought to me! Poor tired boy!

We had a fun time in California and Nevada! Love you family!

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