Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hartford Temple

They day after we flew back from San Jose, Axel threw up all day... So he spent all day in this position. So glad he wasn't throwing up on the plane...

We had to postpone our trip to the Hartford Temple Open House by a couple of days due to sickness, but luckily there were still tickets available!

We ran into Sister Vassau at the Temple, who was assigned to our ward for about 6 months. That was her first area, and the Hartford Temple was her last!

That face. Haha!

There was an awesome mini golf place across the street from the temple, and they were setting up for Halloween! So fun! Also, it ended up being SO HOT that day, and we were dressed way too warmly!

Then we picked out our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.

And wandered around the apple orchard, even though there were no more apples to pick.

"Axel, do a fun pose!"

Not too bad for a three-year-old photographer. (You should see the 50 that are just us from the waist down, haha!)

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