Monday, November 7, 2016

Aunt Natalie's Visit

Aunt Natalie came out for a quick weekend visit.

The first day we decided to meet Jeff in the City at the Natural History Museum (he was already down there for a work service opportunity). It was POURING and we got sopping wet walking across Central Park to get to the museum. But at least it was a warm rain.

Posin' in Central Park.

We went to a yummy BBQ place for dinner, and they had these fun Wikki Stix for him to play with. 

Long day, so of course he passed out on the train. Aunt Natalie did too (she did a red-eye flight the night before), but I didn't think she would appreciate a picture of that.

The next day it was still wet and raining, but we went to the Zoo anyway.

My two studs.

I love his face, like "What are you doing, Natalie?"

The Zoo had a really cool jack-o-lantern exhibit.

Natalie took family pictures for us while she was here, so I will post those later. Here is Axel throwing leaves after we were done with pictures.

Thanks for coming, Aunt Natalie! I was so great to spend time with you!

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