Saturday, November 5, 2016

Las Vegas Trip

Axel and I finally made the trip to Las Vegas! They had only been in their new house for almost a year... But the pool was ready and waiting for us!

This kid has no fear!

His favorite place was in the hot tub.

My grandparents happened to be driving through so they had dinner with us.

Axel with Great Grandma R

With Great Grandma and Great Grandpa B

With Great Grandma and Great Grandpa R

Sleeping in a big boy bed, in a room all for himself!

Nana and I took him to a children's discovery museum. I love the look of pure joy on his face!

He was the cutest vet, giving the doggie a "shot in his mouth." Haha.

Reading in his underwear, pool-side.

Jeff was able to join us for part of the trip. And I decided not to do scheduled naps for Axel, which meant he would pass out soooo hard every few days. Here is one of those days.

I even changed his shoes and he didn't notice.

We went to a park and played wiffleball with the whole crew (Brandon and Alex were able to come up from BYU, and they brought Great Grandma C with them)

Las Vegas has splash pads literally everywhere!

Another epic nap moment. Got out of the pool and layed down with floaties on and everything, and passed out.

The boys played a basketball game in the pool that involved the diving board. This is Alex.

Great Grandma R was a good sport and did all the throwing.

Alex "saving" Brandon from "drowning."

Axel and Nana made a pillow fort.

Axel with his best bud, Gidget.

Nana, Great Grandma C, Axel, and I went to a wildlife preserve that had a butterfly house (biggest butterflies I have ever seen), museums, a train ride (that he passed out on), and an animal exhibit. It was fun!

Beam us up, Scotty!

Haha, I don't think you are doing it right!

This was a robot Axel designed. In the description, he had me write "A happy robot with really long arms to help people grab stuff."

All too soon it was time to say goodbye! We loved visiting!

(Yes, he ate that whole thing.)

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