Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Jeff's Phone Dump

I am terrible at remembering to upload pictures and videos from Jeff's phone. So here are some from February and on.

A snowy walk by the Bronx River.

Jeff took this picture while walking to the train station on the Bronx River trail. We sure live in a beautiful area!

Here is the picture Luke took of Bill Nye the Science Guy at the USS Intrepid.

He was so excited that Daddy let him sit in the front seat while Daddy worked on the headlights. (Good thing I didn't know because that is just asking for Axel to accidentally take the emergency brake off and the car to run over Jeff... Did you ever notice that I think of the worst-case scenario all the time?)

Searching for his Easter basket.

Easter Egg hunt!

He is really into jokes right now, and really bad at telling them. This on is an "Axel original" (ie he made it up himself)

Can you tell that Jeff and I had just been telling him "What do you call a boy with no arms and no legs..." jokes?


This short video from the Call's visit was cute!

 Throwing sticks in the river, as you do.

A couple weekends ago I had a church meeting down in the city, so Axel and Jeff had a father-son crazy night out. Bowling, Five Guys, and a new lego set! A perfect night!

And Axel beat Jeff. Haha!

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  1. New videos or old videos, I love them all. Miss you all so much!!!