Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April Things

For General Conference, Axel and I built a "tent" so he could watch like the people who listened to King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon.

Haircut! Such a big boy! The mushroom hair was driving me crazy.

Free day at the Botanical Gardens. He accessorized himself. (That is my beanie)

Cute friends! At the Cherry Blossom area of the Botanical Gardens.

Helping mommy make blueberry muffins.

"Bunny with holes."

"Cat with two legs"

He wanted to know how to spell conditioner. Pretty good penmanship for a three year old!

We went to the farm with some friends. New York friends are the best!

We are going to miss these two kiddos! They moved!

Axel and his friend on their last day of gymnastics together (because the friend moved!)

These are some older pictures that I forgot to put up:

Raining day, cute boy.

The train conductor made a ticket into the shape of a person, and gave it to Axel! Now he thinks that is the norm and asks all the conductors for it.

Cold day walk on the trail.

Date night!

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