Thursday, June 30, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend and Other Happenings

Axel does the funniest things with his legos. Here is a stormtrooper in a toaster.

Jimmy John's! (best sub sandwiches)

Celebratory gelato after getting a camera up his nose to check for a possible edamame bean (couldn't find it).

Anyone else have this problem? Toys in the bed when he is supposed to be sleeping?

What a cute midge fly.

For Memorial Day, we went to the Kensico Dam park to have a picnic and play baseball.

What amazing form!

We got caught in the rain while walking home from the library! We were soaked!

Pretending the mop is a tank.

We received Alex's graduation announcement, and Axel took everything else off his bulletin board to "make room."  

Jeff and I decided to try the famous marshmallow challenge on Axel, but Jeff did it kinda wrong (your supposed to leave the kid alone with the 1 marshmallow for a few minutes to see if they decide to eat it) but Axel has never cleaned up his toys faster!

We had a long day of helping friends while their mom attended to a family emergency. This was at 4:30 when we finally had a quiet moment. Poor tired boy! He has been trying to phase out naps, but he still needs them!

On Axel's last day of gymnastics, they had each kid do a circuit. He was kinda being a pill that day in class, but he still did a good job! (I know that none of you can imagine him being a pill, but it is true)

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