Monday, September 21, 2015

Big Boy

I seriously can't believe how big my little baby is. He got a big boy bed, then he threw away his binkie (and didn't have any problems sleeping after), and got potty trained, all in the space of a couple of months!

Throwing away the binkies. We made a bit deal out of it. We went to his favorite restaurant (Five Guys), then threw it out in the garbage, then he got to pick a new toy.

 This was his version of a "quiet toy." That's one way to wake up.

Potty training. Here is how it went down:
Day 1: decided after his nap that he wanted to put underwear on. 2 successes, 2 accidents.
Day 2: ALL accidents. Ugh.
Days 3: no accidents.
Day 4: 1 accident.
Day 5: no accidents.
After that it has been sporadic. Most days no accidents, but sometimes a little squirt makes it out. No "gushes" anymore, thank goodness! You don't realize how much his bladder can hold until you are looking at it pool on the floor!

 Playing baseball before the drive-in movie started. We saw "Shaun the Sheep". So good!

 He was "pretending to be Mommy."

 He climbed into his highchair by himself because he was hungry for breakfast! 

 Helping water the garden in his skivvies.

 Drawing with Daddy.

 He wanted to wear the beanie at Costco because his "head wouldn't get wet." (It was raining)

 This is how he does Nursery. Kind of a loner when Tytan isn't there.

 Trying on Star Wars stuff at Target.

 Daddy's work has a Tardis!

He learned this in Nursery. He is obsessed with singing about a baby in the song. I guess that must be what they do at Nursery?

New parlor trick.

Ode to Olaf. We went to an outdoor screening of Frozen with his girl friends, so he has been talking about Olaf a lot.

Potty training post-script: I should add that I TOTALLY bribed Axel. He got an m&m for pee and a sucker for poop in the potty. Worked like a charm. He stopped asking for the treats after a week or so. Now (4 weeks later) I have moved on to bribing him with a starburst for a dry diaper during naps and overnight.

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