Monday, September 21, 2015

Watkins Glen Hiking Trip

Jeff had another Friday off of work, so we decided to head upstate and do a hike that we've been dying to do. It is at Watkins Glen State Park. It was a rather short hike, but the views were amazing.

 (That's me in the pink on the bridge)

Our hotel had a pool, so of course we went swimming!

He swam the whole length of the pool!

Axel was so excited about sleeping in a big bed that it took forever for him to fall asleep!

 The next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to Robert H. Treman State Park for a longer hike. It was grueling! The first 2.5 miles were pretty much straight up! It was a loop, so then it was downhill after that. 

 Lucifer Falls in the background. That is the focal point of the hike.

 Our consolation at the end of the hike was a swimming area! The water was super freezing so we only lasted about 30 minutes, despite how hot we were while hiking.

Then we changed into dry clothes and headed home!

Two hard things about the trip:
  1. I was hacking up a lung, especially at night. We pretty much didn't sleep. The day after we got back, I went to urgent care to finally get some antibiotics.
  2. We had Axel wear a diaper during the hikes, so he wouldn't have an accident in the carrier. He managed to keep those diapers dry the WHOLE TIME, but as soon as we put him in undies, he had 2 accidents within 20 feet of a toilet. What the heck kid? He was even dry for the 4 hour drive back! He would hold it until we got to a potty.
It was a super fun trip and I'm glad we did it, even though I was pretty sick.

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