Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summertime Fun

You may have noticed a theme of hiking this summer. We like hiking and exploring, and there are so many cool things to see here with just a short drive. So we decided to go hiking every weekend that we can. Two weekends ago we went to this marsh that is across the Hudson River from West Point. It was really cool. There was a short hike with a lot of birds for bird-watchers, and then a boardwalk around the marsh. We saw a lot of tadpoles, and saw really cool birds. And sweated like crazy, so that made up for it being such a short hike.

He wanted to hike on the way back by himself. It was hilarious to watch him. Also, can you hear how peaceful and quiet it was? I loved not being able to hear cars or even other hikers.

 Then Jeff and I snuck off to a date night. Jeff took this picture afterwards while Axel and I checked the mail. Random, but I like it.

 Another artsy Jeff picture.

 Axel "helped" me put together his new dresser that I had painted before we went to Utah.

 Tytan and Axel are such good buds. We met up at the playground, and the ice cream truck came by so I couldn't resist.

 Our tomatoes have been sooooo good! We have heirloom, golden grape, and beef tomatoes. And we've gotten a few cucumbers.

Axel put himself in time-out one morning. He seriously did not move for 5 minutes until I finally gave in and asked him what he was doing. I was tempted to see how long he would last... 

 We went to a local farm. The highlight was seeing them move the cows out of the barn and into a pasture. Can you tell the boys were excited?

 We were so happy to see Tytan a lot that week, since we have had opposite vacation schedules all summer (and Tytan's mommy had a baby, so I wanted to keep toddler germs away for a while)! Here they are having a pillow fight.

This is why I usually practice the piano while he is asleep...

This is a song he has been singing. Since it involves roller coasters, so it is possible that it is about Coney Island? 

He is getting skilled at the art of negotiating time to play Nerf guns.

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