Monday, January 9, 2017

November and Early December Fun

Finally got my birthday present from Jeff put up. People getting added to the family (babies, spouses, etc) can only have birthdays in the beginning of the year because it is so unbalanced!

We found a cute park to walk around in. It was freezing that day, but we had fun. This pagoda was brought over from China from the town's "sister city." 

Axel did his first Primary Program. He had his part memorized and said it in a weird voice, then spent most of the time playing with his suspenders that had come undone (notice how he is no longer wearing them in this picture).

Axel wanted to write his own Christmas list. He can do his letters so well!

Thanksgiving! Jeff pretty much had to eat and run to get on an airplane to visit his Grandma, but we had a nice dinner and a nice visit with my friend Laura.

That's one use for an embroidery hoop.

I crocheted some Christmas figures, and Bumble turned out the best. Axel loves him.

We went to the Tuckahoe tree lighting and Holiday party. It was fun, but Axel is definitely not friends with Santa. Wouldn't even get close. Even though Santa rode in on the back of a fire truck, which is awesome... So we didn't push it.

His version of "dancing" at the town party. Just jumping. For, like, 45 minutes.

Axel bought a toy with his own money for Toys for Tots.

Wearing all 3 of our stockings.

He doesn't usually pass out, but we all have had monster colds on and off.

I love seeing his lego creations. He is so clever!

An Axel original song, titled "Happy Birthday Jesus."

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