Monday, January 9, 2017


Nana and Papa treated all of us to a 3 day trip to Disneyland! It was Axel's first time!

Right when we got in, the Christmas parade was going. Good timing!

Our first ride was Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

I took him on Dumbo while the boys did a bigger ride.

I decided not to say "No" on this trip, so I did EVERYTHING, despite hating roller coasters! Here we are on Splash Mountain.

Axel loved the Winnie the Pooh ride, and went on it probably 3 or 4 times. Look at that excited face!

Buzz Lightyear was another favorite.

We went on the Matterhorn.

The next morning, Jeff, Axel, and I went at opening to California Adventures' Bug's Life area. We had that section pretty much to ourselves for a while.  

Axel and Daddy versus Mommy in bumper cars!

Crazies with Nana.

Hanging with the Uncles.

Proof that I did the Tower of Terror.

This Tractor ride was Axel's favorite.

I love that you can't really see our faces in the picture, but you can in the reflection. Also, this ride was THE SCARIEST RIDE I have ever been on. It is called California Screaming for a reason. But I did it, and I never have to do it again.

Axel's one request going on this vacation was to do the ferris wheel. We obliged. The swinging baskets are not for the faint of heart! Axel looked backwards the whole time (which I imagine is way more intense), and at one point calmly said "Mom, I think we're going to land in the water," like it was no big deal. 

We tried to sneak Axel onto Soaring Over the World (he is less than an inch too short) but the alert attendant at the end caught us... Axel cried.... So we got him some frozen lemonade. (Everyone else still went on, we just got the Caregiver Pass (or whatever its called) so we didn't have to wait in line again)

Watching the cool light-up parade.

Passed out at 7, did not wake back up until we got to the hotel around 9:30, and only for long enough to get his jammies on. Jetlag is a beast!

Space Mountain!

The Call Men are pros at Splash Mountain posing.

Hands-down THE BEST picture ever taken at Disneyland. And the best part is, Jeff didn't know where the camera was, so he held this pose THE ENTIRE RIDE! Amazing!

Next morning the 3 of us went at opening to do the stuff that tends to get longer lines (Autopia and the submarine ride). This kid is a crazy driver! This video does not show how hard we were hitting the inside of the tracks. It is amazing I didn't drop my phone!

On the Radiator Springs Race Track (probably my favorite ride). Axel was too short... Sorry dude.

Buzz Lightyear ride again. The best!

We all went in the Haunted Mansion together.

It started drizzling, so we decided to do Splash Mountain since we were going to get wet anyway. Tried to do a matching pose, but it didn't go too well.

Cutest kid in a poncho ever!

We got super poured on! The rain was crazy, and did not let up for (as it turned out) several days! I'm glad it was our last day and we had done pretty much everything already!

Waiting forever in the rain for Its a Small World.

The boys left for the BYU game in San Diego, so Rhonda, Axel, and I did more little-kid things until dark, then got dinner, and finally dried out back at the hotel.

It was really the most amazing trip. I am eternally grateful to Nana and Papa for making it happen!

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