Friday, January 27, 2017

Cousin Visit, New York Style!

We are so happy that Axel's cousins were able to come out to New York! It was squishy with 8 people in the house, but we survived!

Handsome Peter

No shortage of attention for this kiddo

Sharing a ride on the car

Matching jammies! And that height difference kills me! The boys are only a month apart!

Addie held semi-still enough for me to french braid her hair. 

Hanging out with the lemurs at the zoo

Ev's face, haha!

Axel and Addie walked through the gorilla enclosure holding hands. Cuties!

"Help, I can't move my arms! But I'm still happy!"

A treat to watch 2 lions out at once today. They were wrestling.

Roaring like lions.

Riding the tortoise

It started snowing while we were there!

We had Pepe's pizza for dinner. So good!

Sitting in a highchair like a big boy

First 4 cousin bath

Peter LOVED this, but he barfed all over Jeff right after I stopped filming. I can still smell it. *shudder*

I can't pick just one group picture, so here are a whole ton of them.

Story time with Jeff, never a dull moment

Playing Sorry

Four Jedi

We went down into the city one day. We walked around Battery Park, Trinity Church, Wall Street, and the World Trade Center Memorial. Here is a link to Alicia's blog. She took a lot more pictures than I did.

Lunch at Schnippers. Their chicken is soooo yummy!

The kids were tired after lunch, so Jeff and I took them back home (with a stop for gelato at our neighborhood Italian bakery). Dallin, Alicia, and Peter went to the Met and had a yummy dinner in the City before coming back. They didn't get too lost, and made it on the right train back. Good job guys!

No shortage of awesome dance moves

Its more fun to play in a fort.

Such a cute chunky dude

Mr Potato Head glasses courtesy of Addie

We had such a fun time! I am so very glad that they were able to come out to our neck of the woods. Love you guys!

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