Monday, October 5, 2015

My Birthday

My wonderful friends threw me a birthday party this year! My friend Kristin hosted, my friend Jessica is a chef so she made the food, and my friend Cassie picked up a scrumptious cake from the bakery by our house. It was so nice to spend an afternoon with my 6 closest friends, even though all 10 children who were there ran around like crazy! Kristin has the best house for that because her playroom is in the basement.

Amazing food by Chef Jess. Summer corn soup, Puerto Rican style clams and shrimp, and kale salad with crumbled feta.

On my actual birthday, Jeff took the day off of work and we went apple picking!

 "I can wift it myself"

Notice the cake? Haha, great minds think alike! Jeff had ordered the same cake! No worries, it was super delicious!

Jeff couldn't find the tape, so he STAPLED the wrapping paper on. I got a good laugh!

Thanks for a great birthday, honey! Despite the car breaking down and our date night almost getting thwarted (thank goodness we live close to the train line!), it was still a good day. Let's hope 28 is a good year!

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