Monday, October 5, 2015

Great-Aunts visiting, Bouncy House, etc.

Jeff's aunts Jenny and Anjie came to NY for a quick vacation, and we got to meet up with them in the city.

Train ride there. Too cute!

 Waiting for the President's motorcade to pass so that we can cross the street. Come on, let us cross!

 We went to HB Burger. Yum! Here Axel is with Aunt Jenny.

 And Aunt Anjie.

 After dinner we went to Bryant Park to run around. He was mesmerized by some lights on a building that changed colors. 

 The three of them played tagged, and Axel loved all the attention! I'm glad we got to see them for a couple of hours!

 We went to a Bouncy House place with some friends. He was moving too fast to take any good pictures, but you get the idea.

All 4 of us moms did it, but none of the kids would! It was terrifying (I know it doesn't look like much from the video, but it is a 6 foot drop, and I didn't know how soft the landing would be!) but I'll totally do it again, now that I know it is super padded.

 We went to the zoo with Axel's friends Ava and Sergio a while ago, and I forgot to put up pictures.

 And this is when we watched Frozen outdoors. They couldn't contain their excitement!

And here he is, laughing so hard that he pees (right after I stopped filming, thank goodness).

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