Monday, March 6, 2017

Late Birthday Party

We finally had Axel's 4th Birthday Party! It was based on the book "Secret Pizza Party," which involves a raccoon trying to steal pizza, and Broombots trying to stop him. It was sooo much fun!

We had a secret entrance to the party, under the table.

We ate pizza and read the book.

Everybody got a raccoon mask.

Then we played the Broombot game, where everyone got to be a broombot and use the broom to shoo the raccoon into the raccoon trap.

My friend Jess made an awesome cake.

I love all the faces he made trying to blow out his candle!

Everyone got mustaches, to help with their disguises. (Axel has a Batman mask because a friend gave it to him, and he wanted to wear that instead of the raccoon one)

Playing under the table.

He still loves me, even with a mustache.

Happy 4th birthday, little dude! We love you!

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