Monday, March 6, 2017

February Fun

Axel and I made our family in Legos. I did Jeff and me, and Axel did himself. Apparently he has a beard and is Han Solo.

Jumping into the deep end in swimming lessons!

The boys have taken over my craft table.

We went to a Westchester Knicks game. They handed out bopper/clapper things to all the kids. Fun idea, but it made for lots of people getting bopped in the head. (Not by Axel. We didn't have anyone sitting in front of us)

It was also local mascot day, and this bird made it all they way up to us!

We got one pretty big snow storm. We tried to make a fort, but it wouldn't pile very well.

For Valentine's Day, we had lunch with Daddy at Cheesecake Factory. We gave him his presents there. Chocolates, clothes, and awesome drawings.

Axel with his Valentine's chocolate.

Riding the rocket at the Alamo Draft House.

Nice day scooter ride.

He learned to swing by himself!

We have had a few nice days, so he's been able to work a bit on scootering. Still trying to work on braking in time.

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