Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ice Age 5 Premier

Jeff and I attended the premier of Ice Age 5: Collision Course. It is the fifth premier we've been able to attend with Blue Sky, and the third movie with Jeff's name on it! This time he has an "Additional Story Artist" credit because he didn't work on it very long. He mostly worked on Scrat stuff. A few of his jokes still made it into the movie, although none of his storyboards officially made it in.

We had a great time! The movie was pretty good (for a sequel). I loved all the Scrat stuff, and the weasel named Buck (originally from Ice Age 3) was really funny. I hope you all see it and enjoy it!

Sid made an appearance! This is the Story Department (and some of their "plus ones"). 

We took this picture at the venue for the after-party, and thought it turned out AMAZING! Then got home and realized it is blurry and so dark. Haha, I swear we weren't drinking!

So we took another one when we got home.

Go see the movie!

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