Friday, April 29, 2016

Gramma's visit

Gramma came for a visit! Yay! 

Snuggling on the couch.

Tour of Daddy's studio.

We went to the farm that is close by.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Gramma... Sorry Mom!

Then we went to the "Dam park" (as we call it) for a picnic and playtime.

The next day we went to the zoo.

Mom offered to watch Axel while Jeff and I went on an overnight gettaway. Here are the two pictures we took. We are super romantic.

We went to Grimaldi's at Coney Island. Yum!

We had time for the boys to ride a couple of rides. 

The log ride. He liked this one.

Here is a progression of Axel's faces:


Still happy, still excited.

Not too sure about this...

Daddy comforting. As the ride slowed down, Axel yelled, "This is terrible!"

We watched the Sea Lion show at the Aquarium.

Then we drove Gramma through crazy traffic to the airport! We are so glad that she came to visit! Love you Gramma!

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